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Browse our colorful menu as we offer a variety of sushi, hibachi and Asian cuisine only serves at Wasabi Sushi & Hibachi.

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Never miss any new specials and deals! In appreciation of our wonderful customers, we are offering awesome deals so you can enjoy a spectacular meal at an amazing price you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

"Their food is wonderful. It's a great deal for their all you can eat. The service is fantastic. It's our favorite sushi place in town. My children even enjoyed going."

Stephanie F.


"All you can eat buffet for $19.99 (as of July 2018). Fresh sushi, maki rolls, appetizers, and desserts. Great place to eat with friends and family, or a romantic dinner. Highly recommend!!!"

Caroline H.


"Are you can eat sushi. And good quality sushi not just cheap rolls on their all you can eat. Made fresh and brought to your table. Our server was wonderful also"

Heather C.


"Clean, great food and great service for a great price. I really enjoyed the taste of freshness in the food and the service was quick."

Gabriela C.